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First of all, why did I wait so long to get a custom tune?! I had been running FULL bolt on with stock turbos and a JB4 and back end flash for the longest time that I didn’t know drivability could be so good until I got the tune with fluent. I had just assumed drivability was suffering because of the power. The fact that the car is making way more power than it was before and drives like it’s stock still boggles my mind. Every single option be it fun add insult or different fuel maps perform flawlessly; no excessive fuel smoke under load no stuttering no hesitation and a freight train pull to redline. AND I still get almost 28 mpg on the 93 tune. I took the car to a 40 roll 1/4 and was trapping a consistent 118-120 mph on the e60 tune(car is a manual). To put that into perspective some, there was a 2020 SS Camaro with the 10 speed auto trapping 116. Absolutely wild out of a car with 154,000 miles!
Customer service is better than expected too. Quick answers to questions and revisions to tunes. A lot of knowledge of the platform and what works and what doesn’t. CANNOT be happier with my choice to use Fluent Tuned.


"Troy is the most in depth tuner I’ve ever worked with. Did not settle for anything less than the best. Worked with him all the way from a base tune, to him running the dyno on my car and getting me to insane power. 100% recommend."


"i have a small shop in salt.lake city utah. i met troy here in person several years ago when he became a client of ours. after working on and test driving his personal vehicle i turned over a clients car to him for tuning. he did a phenominal job not only of tuning but also pointing out some defficiencoes in fueling and ignition that was hilding the car back from its max potential. after we sorted those things out and he remapped it the performance was incredible. we still work with that client and many others as well as repair and service troys personal car. to date he has tuned over a dozen cars for us from mild street tunes to fully built monsters well over 600 hp and we wont even consider having anyone else so much as get near anything we have built. he is meticulous amd methodical about making sure that the car is tuned for maximum potential and reliability. the man is a master and will always be out tuner. thanks for all you do troy. looking forward to working with you on the next project."


"fantastic tune and amazing customer service. My car completely came to life after the tune, it's insane how awesome it feels. I highly recommend them 5 stars all around."


"Troy is a phenomenal tuner to work with! He goes above and beyond for his customers, exceeding all expectations. He is always quick to respond and super helpful. I would not hesitate to reach out for that perfect tune you are looking for!
Thanks for all your help Troy!"


"Well, what can I say . Amazing tuner and great guy to work with! Picture will tell you everything!"


"I had a great experience with Troy, he provides excellent customer support and unlimited revisions to have our beloved bimmers running at their maximum potential. Very competitive prices too, it’s a 5 star for me and I recommended him to all my costumers."


Fluent was recommended to me by a buddy and a few local bmw enthusiasts. I have a Big boost turbo setup on my n55 and Troy had no problem dialing it in when other tuners had no idea. Car has been reliable and pulls strong. Had a few hiccups and Troy had a solution within the next revision! Very fast and open communication in explaining what was changed or how he overcame the issue which is hard to find from a tuner! Would highly recommend!

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

"I used (Intentionally Deleted) to tune my f-series n55 because I was told they were one of the best tuners. After paying $500 twice even though I was told I would only have to pay once I was still left with a car that had a mystery shutter and was locking and horsepower especially up top. I was told that without meth or E85 there was no way to extract more power even though I had installed a upgraded high pressure fuel pump and a stage 2 pure Turbo. They have over 16 revisions and the car while felt better I knew there was more to it not only in total horsepower but driveability. They always took quite a while to get back to me and so I started looking elsewhere and came across somebody that had experience with Troy and fluenttuned. He got back to me extremely quick spared no time looking over previous logs from (Intentionally Deleted) and noticed the Boost dropping off quickly and several timing Corrections. He wasted no time saying that he would try to correct the stutter I was experiencing for free to show me that he could and that if I wanted a tune afterward he would take care of me. As promised he had something for me later that day I put it in and sure enough the stutter was gone the car felt smoother and so I said yes let's do it. I cannot express how satisfied and appreciative I am of his hard work at attention to detail my car is already much quicker and has more horsepower in a safer tune after just a few revisions then with my previous tuner. He is the one that's not even satisfied where it's at and he is working hard to find a few things that need to be corrected so that he can Max it out with a safe tune and has gone above and beyond with his customer service and his excellent skills in tuning would highly recommend"

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