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fluent.tuned was founded with a focus on providing ultra high quality custom tunes with unsurpassed attention to the customer and their car.  Here at fluent.tuned, we pride ourselves not only on the power gains, but also drive-ability, smoothness, safety and overall cohesiveness of the DME calibration.

With the release of the N54 engine (BMW's first mass-produced turbocharged petrol engine) we jumped at the opportunity to learn a new platform that was so responsive to tuning changes relative to the older, naturally aspirated BMWs. After years of testing and tuning the shop car we developed a reputation locally and became the preferred tuner for a premier BMW performance shop, Dirty Euro Customs, builder of the first ever TH400 transmission swapped N54. We tuned the car to a record breaking quarter mile pass of 9.89 seconds, making it the quickest twin turbo N54 in the world to this day.  From there, demand increased and fluent.tuned was formed.

OUR COMMITMENT - If our work load ever disallows us to maintain the responsiveness and attention to the customer that we pledge, we will temporarily mark all of our tunes as SOLD OUT to focus on providing the highest level of individualized attention that fluent.tuned is known for.  Our existing customers come first!

More than just a tune


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