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MHD Wireless Adapter (Newest Version)

MHD Wireless Adapter (Newest Version)

Enables you to wirelessly load MHD maps and custom tunes (including JB4 backend maps) to your vehicle when paired with an Android or iOS device!  Compatible with E, F, & G Chassis.


MHD Tuning just introduced the latest and greatest MHD WIFI adapter: The MHD UNIVERSAL WIFI ADAPTER


It’s the ultimate wireless connection method for tuning and coding your BMW & Supra MK5 with the market-leading mobile apps! The MHD Universal Wifi Adapter is the only adapter that supports both the protocols needed for modern BMWs and Supra MK5s.


Highest Quality and Flashing Speed:

The MHD Universal Wifi adapter is fully designed in-house by MHD's engineers, built with the highest quality parts and a modern chipset. It achieves perfect reliability and is the quickest adapter currently offered on the market - faster than previous generation adapters (black, orange, blue, pink) and all cables/hardwired connections.


App Support: 

The new MHD Universal Wifi adapter is supported by the leading BMW apps such as:

  • MHD (all versions)

  • xHP and xDelete

  • BimmerCode / BimmerLink

  • Bimmergeeks Protool

  • Bimmer-Tool

… and many other tuning/coding apps


Sleep Mode:

Once the adapter detects that car is off, it will enter sleep mode, which prevents the battery from discharging.  Tests indicate that it can be left plugged in for months. However, always keep an eye on your battery’s health.


ENET Speed:

Unlike any other adapter on the market, MHD Universal has multiple units inside one body. ENET cars (F and G series) will utilize a super-fast protocol, while a traditional CAN will be used on others. Adapter automatically detects which one should be used.


Debug Log:

All supported application suppliers are given technical documentation on how to use debug mode and what benefits are coming out of doing so. In basic words, this adapter allows for improved understanding and integration with various cars, ending up with a better service to the customer.


xHP Special Mode:

G series car owners will benefit from this adapter as it’s the only adapter that allows for a smooth unlock process, along with the very fast flashing speeds.


Automated Firmware Updates:

The adapter supports on-the-fly firmware updates. Once the MHD app detects an outdated version, it will automatically update the firmware, asking you to reconnect once done. 




Attention - The purchase of this adapter does not include any necessary licenses to use MHD.  Those can be purchased separately through MHD or in the MHD app. Please email us if you have any questions regarding the MHD licenses.

  • Is it refundable?

    This item comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you have any issues, you can return it for a full refund minus the return shipping cost.

  • Vehicles Supported

    • E Series
    • F Series
    • G Series (BMW and Toyota)
    • and many more!
  • Shipping

    Free shipping!  Product typically arrives within 2-5 business days.


    Free shipping applies to all orders shipped within the contiguous U.S. only.

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