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MHD+ Features (Flex Fuel, Map Switching, Antilag)

MHD+ Features (Flex Fuel, Map Switching, Antilag)



NOTE - This is an add-on to a standard DME calibration.  You must be an existing customer OR you must purchase a standard tune in addition to the MHD+ Features of your choice. 


Flex Fuel - Getting tired of measuring and mixing your e85?  Take the guess work out of it with a true flex fuel calibration!


The tune will automatically adjust the main parameters (fueling, timing, boost, etc.) based on the actual ethanol content in real time. Fill up with pump gas, e85, or anywhere in-between and know the tune will be optimized for the given fueling automatically!



Map Switching - With MHD+, we can incorporate map switching on the fly for up to 4 different tunes without flashing!  Here are some examples of additional maps you can have:


  • Different fuels (pump gas, e85 blends, race gas, Flex Fuel)
  • Auxiliary fuels (methanol injection, port injection)
  • Nitrous
  • Valet Map
  • Drifting Map
  • Low Boost / High Boost Maps
  • Kill Map



Antilag - Quickly build boost with the press of a button!  Once you let go of the button you'll be in full boost and taking off like a sling-shot.  Get the jump on the competition while they are still spooling!  

  • What's required?

    • MHD app installed on Android or Apple device with MHD+ functionality unlocked.
    • For Flex Fuel, you need additional hardware to read and analyze the ethanol content.  Please email us for suggested hardware based on your setup.
  • Is it refundable?

    Due to the nature of a digital DME calibration, this product is non-refundable once the tune file has been sent to the customer.  However, we strive to make sure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase so please reach out to us if you have any concerns.

  • Vehicles Supported

    • N54
    • N55 - F Series
    • S55
    • B58
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