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B58 Custom DME Calibration (G Series)

B58 Custom DME Calibration (G Series)



Transform your B58 G-Series vehicle with a custom DME calibration by fluent.tuned!  We incorporate years of track and dyno testing into all our tunes to ensure optimum power and smooth delivery coupled with unrivaled reliability.  Not only will the tune be optimized for the modifications of the vehicle and fuel being used, but also to the climate, intended use, and your personal driving style.


Everyone's car is a unique representation of themselves, and we believe the tune should be no different.  Want more aggressive throttle response? No problem! Want a different powerband? Sounds good! The kid in you wants some exhaust burbles or flames? Hey, it's your car!  We'll be happy to explain any risks associated with such requests and work with you to balance your goals with our expertise.


Expect the utmost attention during the tuning process and beyond.  Most revisions are turned around within hours, and will not exceed 24 hours unless under unique circumstances.  Communication will be efficient and any questions will be answered directly. 


OUR COMMITMENT - If our work load ever disallows us to maintain these qualities and timelines, we will temporarily mark all of our tunes as SOLD OUT to focus on providing the highest level of individualized attention that fluent.tuned is known for.  Our existing customers come first!


Experience a true custom DME Calibration by fluent.tuned!

  • What's included?

    • Unlimited revisions as necessary to complete the tune (usually 3-6)
    • Revisions for seasonal weather changes if necessary
    • Revisions for race day (minor changes may be beneficial in order to optimize the tune for the specific type of racing)
    • Log reviews for diagnostic purposes (we can often help pinpoint a hardware issue by seeing it in a log)
    • Lifetime support/advice as long as you own the car and are running our tunes
    • Complete JB4 setup and integration instructions (if applicable)
  • What's required?

    • MHD app installed on Android or Apple device with Flasher and Monitor licenses purchased
    • Note- If you are running a JB4 you only need to purchase the MHD Backend Flasher license
  • Is it refundable?

    Due to the nature of a digital DME calibration, this product is non-refundable once the tune file has been sent to the customer.  However, we strive to make sure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase so please reach out to us if you have any concerns.

  • Vehicles Supported

    All G-Series vehicles equipt with the B58 engine including:

    • Toyota Supra 2019 - Present
    • M140i 2019 - Present
    • M240i 2019 - Present
    • M340i 2019 - Present
    • M440i 2019 - Present
    • 540i 2017 - Present
    • 640i GT 2017 - Present
    • 740i  2015 - Present
    • X3 M40i 2017 - Present
    • X4 M40i 2018 - Present
    • X5 40i 2018 - Present
    • Z4 M40i 2019 - Present
    • X-Drive supported on all vehicles

    Note- Vehicles with the latest BMW software update may require a bench flash of the DME prior to tuning.


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